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A User-Friendly Intercom System for All: Why the KeyCom® is the Best Choice

In today’s hectic world, security is on everybody’s mind. Nobody likes leaving home if there’s potential for a burglary. Property owners and managers want residents to know their homes and personal possessions are secure. With MVI Systems’ KeyCom®, everyone’s safe and free from danger.

Entire Property Control

It doesn’t do much good to secure one area of a property if you don’t secure them all. That’s a little bit like locking your windows but leaving the front door wide open. However, by using the KeyCom®, you’ll be certain the entire property is connected and protected. This system fully monitors a building’s activities and features by:

  • Managing all activities in and around a building, including package deliveries.
  • Monitoring visitor and guest access.
  • Managing any service requests, and facilitating communication between building staff and residents. 

Video Access Control

MVI’s KeyCom® video-intercom technology allows users to clearly see and control who has access to the building. Gone are the days of voice-only buzzer intercom systems. Those didn’t allow you to see who was at the door, and their sound quality left a lot to be desired. MVI System’s KeyCom® is a vast improvement, providing live video and top-notch audio quality that you can access conveniently from your smart phone. 

Seamless Communication

While security is of paramount importance, this system goes far beyond that. MVI’s platform also simplifies communication. Now, property managers and owners can notify all of their residents any time there are building updates with the press of a button! Just go to the management portal and select “Create New Notice.”

State-of-the-Art Technology

The KeyCom® was created using state-of-the-art technology. This security system has the latest in facial recognition and artificial intelligence software built into a smart automatic video intercom system that can be accessed remotely from anywhere you are. That means neither staff nor residents need to be in the building to use it! For example, If a package is being delivered, postal carriers can simply use the security system to gain entry to the mailroom, drop off the package, and the correct resident will be notified that it has arrived. Likewise, if a resident has unexpected company stop by at an inopportune time, they can tell them it’s not a good time and deny access. 

Today’s property owners, managers, and residents all appreciate having an easy-to-use video intercom security entry system. With MVI’s KeyCom®, they know they have the protection needed to be safe. Contact us today to learn more about this revolutionary system!

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