delivery woman delivering package

How to Get Packages Delivered to Your Apartment

Are you familiar with the anxiety of knowing a package is waiting on your doorstep and could be stolen or damaged at any…

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exterior of multi-family property with benches and brick walkways

Multi-family Properties: 3 Strategies for Boosting Resident Satisfaction

Once upon a time, decent curb appeal, a washer and dryer in every unit, and perhaps a timely discount now and then were…

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exterior of apartment complex with parked cars and residents

How to Control Visitor Access to Shared Buildings

Whether you manage a single building or multiple properties, whether your daily visitors are in the dozens or the thousands, implementing a video…

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excited woman receiving package from delivery man

4 Ways MVI Can Help Keep Your Building Secure During the Holidays

Property managers who have an MVI KeyCom® Smart Video Door Kiosk and Security Platform helping to manage their properties already have the best…

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brick apartment complex with balconies

Benefits of a Video Intercom System

You want to ensure your residence is safe and secure when you’re away at work, enjoying family movie night, and especially when you’re…

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brown apartment building with balconies

Eliminating Tenant Fraud

Preventing fraud is a property management priority. The ability to screen potential residents is more sophisticated than ever, yet scammers are high-tech too.…

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blue and orange apartment buildings

How a Video Intercom System Increases Property Value

You already know that a video intercom system increases safety for the building’s occupants, but did you know that upgraded video access control…

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