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The Future of Security: Access Control Systems

Access control system technologies are at the forefront of security, and with constantly evolving technologies, they’re a highly-adaptable solution for any property. These systems are designed to grant entrance to a building, or specified parts of the building, only to authorized users and visitors. With smart device integration and powerful AI technology, door access control systems are making traditional security methods obsolete.

Why are These Systems Outpacing Traditional Security Types?

Other than an additional layer of security for properties, why are businesses turning to this new technology?

1. Customizable Solutions

Traditional methods relied on keys…for every door. Some employees and visitors might only need access to the entry doors or offices, while others may need additional keys for various other locked areas in the building such as stock rooms or rack server rooms. Access control systems allow administrators to assign each individual a customized level of access.

2. Streamlined Management for Administrators

Updating information, such as tenant changes or new authorized vendors, is far easier with this newer technology than with traditional methods. If a tenant leaves, their security access is deactivated and the individual can no longer enter the building. This is easier, and less expensive than changing locks to ensure security after an employee or tenant separation. Logs are maintained digitally and property owners or managers can access information, permit or deny entry, and check on the building in real-time.

3. Happier Tenants

With exciting new technologies, tenants and employees can access a building with their smart device or use a keycard for entry. They can vet visitors and allow or deny access, increasing security not only for themselves but for the entire property. In fact, 86% of millennials admit they would pay 20% more in rental fees to live in a smart building. With smart solutions that allow specified vendors to access the building, even package theft can be reduced or eliminated.

4. Save Money

Installing access control systems can eliminate the need for additional security measures such as guard personnel. These systems can also be integrated as part of a larger smart building infrastructure to operate lights and HVAC systems. Businesses will benefit from 24/7 access to authorized employees who can work earlier or later without the need to open or lock the entire building.

5. Increased Compliance

Security regulations are a large part of compliance, which includes ensuring records like employee, client, financial, or patient data are secure. Door access control systems provide the highest level of security, including limiting authorization to areas where records are kept.

My Video Intercom is the Future of Access Control

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