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MVI KeyCom®: The Smart, Safe, & Reliable Security Option for Property Managers


While intercom security systems have become increasingly more sophisticated, many fall short in convenience, service, and user experience. The result is that many property managers are hesitant to deploy these new technologies.

MVI’s KeyCom® was created with security and reliability in mind, fast becoming a leader in security technologies for property managers in apartment complexes, multi-family dwellings, businesses, and more.

What makes MVI KeyCom® different? Our reliability and proven security technologies have earned MVI the Best Smart Door Video Systems Provider in the United States.

Why are KeyCom® Solutions Beating the Competition?

MVI CEO Samuel Taub understands that added security features aren’t just “nice to have” when managing a building; they have become a necessity. 

“The company was originally founded with the knowledge that 86% of millennial renters in the US metropolitan areas are willing to pay up to 20% more to live in smart buildings,” Taub explains. “MVI’s initial products addressed building security and conveniences. Since then, we’ve been adding increasingly sophisticated technology to our smart video door systems to enhance functionality and further improve the resident experience.”

What makes KeyCom® the perfect security solution is our ongoing commitment to improving the technologies that keep users safe.

How Do KeyCom® Solutions Work for Users and Residents?

MVI’s KeyCom® solutions connect users to the system via their smart device. Through the app or MVI’s web portal, users can send and receive video, voice calls, text messages, and voicemail, as well as manage their account simply and easily.

How Does KeyCom® Work for Visitors?

The intuitive touch screen makes it easy for visitors to search a building directory. Visitors can then video-chat with the resident, or if the resident is not available, leave a video message.

How Does KeyCom® Work for Deliveries?

Packages are delivered to a central, secured location that is accessible to the drivers via the KeyCom® touchscreen. Property managers won’t have to handle misplaced packages or try to find lost parcels.

KeyCom® Grants Immediate Access for Maintenance Teams

Property managers love the ability to grant maintenance teams access to buildings via the touchscreen, eliminating the need for managers to provide entry for them.

KeyCom® Gives Property Managers Complete Access

Management can use MVI’s web portal to send tenant notifications building-wide, and to access reports and logs to keep residents secure.

How do KeyCom® Security Features Increase Safety?

MVI’s patented KeyCom® Smart Video Door Kiosk and Software Platform have an easy-to-use web platform and touch-free access control. MVI uses facial recognition, AI software, and other advanced technologies for layers of protection unmatched by other video intercom systems.  

KeyCom®’s proprietary access control abilities give property managers and residents alike peace of mind, knowing that only people who have been verified will be buzzed into the building. If there is an incident, property managers have access to log and detailed access events.

Property Managers Love Touch Free Access Controls

Property managers find KeyCom® technologies preferable to traditional keyed entry systems, saving money on lost key replacements and round-the-clock manned security desks. KeyCom® is a great addition to gated communities as well, reducing the need to keep guards on duty at security stations.

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