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When is it Time to Upgrade Your Apartment Building’s Video Intercom System?

If you’re thinking of upgrading your building’s current video access system or looking to install a new one, you know there’s nothing more important than the security and wellbeing of your tenants. How do you know it’s time to update or upgrade your apartment building’s video intercom system? 

You’re Constantly Handing out Replacement Keys and Cards

Whether it’s tenant turnover or simply a matter of occupants losing their entry keys and cards, replacing these items can be costly and time-consuming. Aside from the physical replacement of lost or stolen keys, your building may need to rekey the doors entirely to ensure security.

Additionally, both new and vacating tenants create challenges to the security of an apartment building, from deleting or adding them to a database to ensuring they have returned all copies of the door keys or entry cards. Upgrading to a new video intercom system can streamline these processes for both property owners and tenants alike.

You’re Behind the Times

It doesn’t make sense to hang on to outdated technology when there are so many better options available. Today’s video intercom access systems use AI technology, apps, and smart devices for granting building entry. Upgrading your system allows tenants to control access, no matter where they are.

Additionally, limited permissions can be granted for delivery drivers or maintenance personnel to have access to the building.

You’re Looking to Save Money

Video intercom systems will decrease your reliance on front-desk security guards because they allow tenants to grant, limit, or block access to non-residents. These systems are excellent choices for gated communities, eliminating the need for 24/7 manned security booths in the building’s parking lots or access roads.

Your Area is Seeing an Increase in Crime

Crime is on the rise throughout the United States. If your building is in an area seeing this increase, you will need to upgrade your security systems for the safety and peace of mind of your tenants.

It’s been found that 86% of millennials will not only stay longer in buildings with upgraded access control technology, but they will also pay up to 20% more to live there.

Upgraded video intercom systems will feature event logs, real-time monitoring and recording of door activity, and increased control of the building by managers and owners. These reports are important to have in case of an emergency event within the building and can be given to law enforcement following criminal activity.

Your Old Video Intercom System is Failing

If you find yourself repeatedly repairing an old intercom system, it’s time to replace or upgrade it with new technology. Some signs that the old system is failing can include buzzing or distorted sound, fuzzy picture quality, or an increase in tenant issues and complaints with accessing the building or interacting with visitors.

See How MVI is Shaping Security for Apartment Buildings 

MVI, an award-winning video-access control solution for commercial and multi-family properties, streamlines video access control solutions and smart technologies to provide the highest level of security for buildings. With constant integrations designed to enhance existing video intercom systems, MVI can work with several hardware and software manufacturers to increase security, improve the tenant experience, and give control back to building owners and property managers.

Is it time to upgrade your apartment building’s video intercom system? Request a free, no-obligation demo and see why residents and managers alike love MVI technology.

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