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How a Video Intercom System Increases Property Value

You already know that a video intercom system increases safety for the building’s occupants, but did you know that upgraded video access control systems will increase the value of commercial properties? Here are just a few ways that can happen with your apartment or office building, medical practice, or warehouse.

1. Decreased Liability

By having an automated system provide access control to your buildings, you decrease your liability if an incident does occur. You also increase the chances that a bad actor will be caught by law enforcement when your system allows recorded surveillance records from your entrances.

2. Reduced Theft and Vandalism

Video intercom systems deter theft and vandalism by making it more difficult for criminals to break in or damage the property undetected. Having these systems installed will most likely result in a would-be burglar moving on to a different, unprotected location.

3. Decreased Need for Security Personnel

Buildings without a controlled access system often find themselves paying for security services. Having an updated system monitoring parking lots and entrances means a lesser reliance on security personnel, which will ultimately save the property owners and managers money.

4. Perceived Safety

A building that feels safe is a welcoming space for tenants and building occupants, and nothing provides that sense of security like an access control system. Tenants will actively search for properties that provide updated security features, choosing them over properties that don’t. They’re often willing to pay more to lease these properties.

5. Ease of Use Will Attract More Residents and Tenants

A security system is only as good as the platform that fuels it. The days of struggling for keys, replacing lost keys, and having to change locks after residents move out are long gone thanks to upgraded security technologies. For MVI clients and customers, access control is at the tip of their fingers…literally. MVI’s patented KeyCom solutions offer touch-free building access through the technology that everyone has in their pockets already; their smart device.

To see how our solutions will enhance occupant safety, automate your access control, and increase your property value, book a free demo today.

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