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How to Control Visitor Access to Shared Buildings

Whether you manage a single building or multiple properties, whether your daily visitors are in the dozens or the thousands, implementing a video entry system to your building will afford you maximum control over your premises and provide a safe environment for employees, residents, and staff.

An effective visitor management system enhances the security of your shared building by providing a high-level overview of all types of visitors and giving them different levels of access. Our smart video entry systems use state-of-the-art technology to automate the tasks of traditional visitor management systems, delivering a contactless check-in experience that can more accurately and efficiently handle more visitors.

KeyCom® is MVI’s state-of-the-art apartment building video intercom system. Securely operated on an intuitive web platform, KeyCom® allows you to control your building’s activities and features. With leading-edge facial recognition, artificial intelligence software, and touch-free access, KeyCom® is designed to keep your residents, tenants, and visitors safe.

MVI’s innovative team of designers and engineers have integrated increasingly sophisticated technology to their smart video door systems. These improvements have enhanced the functionality of these building entry systems, further upgrading the experience for residents, visitors, delivery personnel, maintenance, and management.


Residents of multi-family buildings use either their smartphones or MVI’s Web Portal to grant access to the building, send digital visitor keys, receive video and voice calls, send and receive text messages, retrieve video and voicemails and manage their accounts.


Visitors use MVI’s KeyCom® touchscreen to scroll through the directory of the multi-tenant building to make a selection using the apartment or office number, tenant or family name, or any image uploaded to the multi-tenant video intercom system by the resident or tenant. Visitors are able to video-chat with residents or tenants or leave a video voicemail using the video intercom system.


An access control system like the MVI KeyCom® directs delivery staff to an apartment or office building’s secured package room. Drivers use a touchscreen on the building entry system to access the secure package room, greatly reducing the number of lost or undelivered packages. 


Repair and maintenance workers can be granted access to the building via the KeyCom® touchscreen in advance, making it unnecessary for them to be in constant contact with the superintendent while on the premises. 


MVI’s video intercom system for apartment buildings allows managers to update tenant records and send residents messages, notifications, and schedules of upcoming events through the system’s Web Portal. Building owners and property managers have access to detailed building access events and reports.

An increasing number of shared buildings and multi-family properties are updating their approach to visitor management with leading-edge building entry systems like MVI’s KeyCom®. Ease, convenience, and thoroughness of access control matters to tenants, residents, and visitors. Getting ahead of the curve with a state-of-the-art, user-friendly video intercom building entry system like MVI’s KeyCom® will save you money, improve efficiency, and keep your residents, visitors, and staff happy!

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