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How to Get Packages Delivered to Your Apartment

Are you familiar with the anxiety of knowing a package is waiting on your doorstep and could be stolen or damaged at any second? If not, you’re lucky. For the other 99% of us, it’s a big problem… Nobody wants that kind of stress, and that scenario is just one facet of the uncertainty of package delivery.

Challenges of Package Delivery in Apartments

Sadly, there are challenges in ensuring that a package reaches somebody living in an apartment building. Sometimes, it’s a simple matter of it being difficult for the postal delivery person to find the correct building or knowing where they’re actually supposed to leave the package. Many of us have had things delivered to us that were addressed to our neighbors, and many of us have been the neighbor in that situation.

Even if the package is delivered to the correct address, there are still factors to contend with. Depending on the apartment building, there are rules for where to leave packages—at the door, on a table in the lobby, or in a designated mailbox. That doesn’t mean those rules will always be followed.

We also have to take into account the occasional delivery worker who simply leaves packages outside of the building altogether. Maybe they hide them behind a nearby bush or simply prop them against the door. When this happens, packages are at risk of being stolen or damaged by the elements should bad weather come knocking.

There are also difficulties to consider around scheduling. If someone needs to sign for a package but isn’t home, they could play delivery tag with the mailman for several days. Ideally, noted delivery windows should be followed, but they can be ignored.

The Solution

Thankfully, with the MVI KeyCom®, these problems are nonexistent or easily solvable. Thanks to the ability to set up secure locations for drop-off packages, residents need not worry about losing their deliveries.

Our Smart Video Door Platform has a state-of-the-art touchscreen that’s easy to use, for both residents and delivery workers.

When it comes to package delivery, our system and its key features provide residents with the ability:

  • To know who’s right outside their door.
  • To get an instant notification about any delivery into our Package Room Solution.
  • To keep track of packages received, but not yet retrieved.
  • To Communicate! Just by using the app on their phone, they can see and talk to the person dropping off their package.
  • To see if a package has been delivered.
  • To keep an eye on packages throughout the day.

With an MVI Video Security System in place, residents can be confident that their package will be safe!

Contact us today to learn more about our products and package room solutions!

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