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Benefits of a Keyless Door Entry System

Are you tired of fumbling for your keys and running down to the lobby to let your friends in? Maybe you’re sick of having inefficient—or nonexistent—security in your apartment building. No matter what your gripe is with your apartment building, a brighter future is waiting in the form of a smart security system. With wonderful security and convenient features, all powered by smart technology, systems like the MVI KeyCom® are here to make things better.

What is a keyless entry system?

Keyless building entry systems are electronic access control systems that allow authorized users to access the building’s entryways without a traditional key. They can use methods as simple as a pin code, key fob, or key card, but some use higher-end tech like a mobile app, fingerprint or voice access, or facial recognition software. Keyless entry systems are also more aesthetically pleasing than conventional lock-and-key setups. According to Construction Dive, 86% of millennial owners and renters are willing to pay more for a “smart unit” equipped with automated or remote-controlled devices like keyless entry.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of a keyless door entry system:

1. Convenience

With keyless entry systems for apartments, gone are the days of trying to find your key ring at the bottom of your packed purse or loaded backpack. Keyless smart access technologies available from MVI Systems provide convenient, safe access solutions for multifamily communities. Using a video intercom, mobile access, and visitor PINs, residents and management can manage all the activities and functions of a building from anywhere.

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2. Security

In addition to their undeniable convenience, keyless building entry systems like MVI’s KeyCom® are designed to keep residents safe. They’re harder to get past than traditional key locks. In addition, they can restrict or grant access on a person-by-person basis. The KeyCom® includes state-of-the-art facial recognition and artificial intelligence software, offering enhanced security for any residential or commercial building.

3. Cost Savings

These systems can save property managers money by not having to pay for a front desk person or door guard. It also eliminates the need for extra keys, making it easier to manage access and reducing the risk of lost or stolen keys.

4. Improved Aesthetic and Perceived Value

Keyless entry systems represent a significant value-added feature to building residents. The same Construction Dive report referenced earlier indicates 61% of millennials are likely to pay more for an apartment specifically because of electronic access features. In a survey of Wakefield Research using a sample of 1,000 renters in the US, a full 45% said they feel that physical door keys will be obsolete by 2026. In addition, 63% indicated they would move out of a building due to a lack of security.

Forward-thinking developers and property managers would be wise to consider carefully researched, developed, and tested keyless entry systems. They provide convenience, security, potential cost savings, and wide appeal to one of the largest markets in the rental sector. To learn more about the world’s smartest video access system, visit MVI Systems and request a quote today!

MVI Systems is a software development company whose innovative team of designers and engineers have created a revolutionary product for the residential multifamily building market: the patented KeyCom® Smart Video Door Kiosk and Software Platform. KeyCom® relies on a touchscreen monitor and smartphone apps to enable residents to interact with guests and visitors with touchless Bluetooth entry and digital keys, creating a user-friendly occupant experience and offering a more secure means for accessing properties. Unlike other video door systems, KeyCom® entry technology recognizes residents as they approach the system based on Bluetooth proximity-— enabling them to enter the building automatically in a matter of seconds.

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