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6 Reasons to Install a Video Access System in Apartment Buildings

Smart technologies keep the world connected and safe. Video access systems are the next logical step in smart security solutions: streamlined technology that eliminates keys, lowers crime, and allows more control over authorized admittance to your buildings. Here are the top 6 reasons to install a video access system in your apartment buildings.

  1. Control What Doors Can be Accessed, and When

A video access system allows complete control over who is accessing doors, and when. You can limit access to the laundry room or the pool facilities, for instance, to decrease loitering and increase safety overnight. You can keep tenants from accessing the building’s storage and supply rooms as well, helping to deter theft of assets.

  1. Improved Efficiency

Access control and door surveillance is streamlined into one seamless application for both your tenants and your staff. That’s great news for you, and for your residents who no longer need to struggle with multiple keys, it’s even better news. The video access system is controlled by a single app on your residents’ phones.

  1. Increased Crime Deterrent

Did you know that over 60% of burglaries are committed after a forcible entry? Burglaries aren’t just crimes of opportunity. A building without a security system is 300 times more likely to be broken into. 

In a residential setting, if a bad guy has a choice between a home that has a security system and flood lights and a dark home without any security system, they will most likely move on to the home that doesn’t have protections in place. Likewise, a criminal would prefer to break into an apartment complex without advanced security features such as a video access system.

  1. No Tailgaters Allowed

You know Mrs. Smith from 11B, but you don’t know that person that followed her through the open door. It doesn’t seem that Mrs. Smith does, either…she’s just being polite. This unauthorized person is called a “tailgater,” and a video access system will help you keep them out.

  1. Increased Access Control

Stop strangers and unauthorized personnel from entering your building while increasing protection for your property and your tenants. The video system allows your tenants to authorize their own visitors’ entry to the building by allowing them to see, and identify, the visitor.

With a video access system, you can block admission to ex-tenants who no longer occupy your building instantly, no rekeying or changing locks required.

  1. Increased Perception of Safety

Video access systems increase your tenants’ feelings of safety and security. Your apartment complex will be more desirable to potential renters when they feel safe. Whether your building is in a high-crime area or not, added security is an important factor for people looking to move into a new apartment.

How important are smart technologies like video access systems? MVI has found that 86% of millennials will pay up to 20% extra to live in a “smart” building.

KeyCom® Solutions from MVI: Smart and Easy Video Access Systems for Apartments

MVI has improved video access systems with KeyCom®, our patented intercom system featuring touch free entry solutions for multi-family and apartment buildings, businesses, and residential homes.

We can make set up even easier for you and your residents with our resident onboarding packages, including a set of 2 MyKeys™, MyKey™ Activation Cards, and user registration instructions for each tenant.

Schedule a free demo to see how KeyCom® can streamline your building’s entry systems, add another layer of security, and make your property more appealing to renters.

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