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5 Ways Video Access Control is Changing the Tenant Experience

When you think of technologies that make life easier, you seldom think about locks, keys, and doors, but you definitely should. Door technologies like video access control are changing the way tenants and property managers think about the safety and ease of building access. Here are five ways video access control is changing the tenant experience and benefitting property managers.

1. Replacing Outdated Key Cards

For tenants, replacing key cards with video access control makes getting into the building easier. While key cards can be lost or stolen, video access technology relies on the devices that tenants always have with them.

Replacing key cards is expensive and time consuming for property managers. A lost or stolen keycard requires the property manager to recode the doors, and possibly re-issue key cards for all tenants. Video access technology stops the costly cycle of key card issuing, re-keying of locks following a lost or stolen card, and card replacement.

2. Increased Tenant Safety and Flexibility

Unauthorized access to a building is a big problem. Many property managers are finding it far more cost-effective to replace security and front-desk personnel with video access technology, putting the responsibility for visitors back into the hands of tenants.

Two-way video intercom systems allow tenants to vet and screen potential visitors, even if they aren’t at home at the time of the visit. MVI’s video access technologies are perfect for gated communities, allowing access to tenants and authorized visitors without the need for a security guard or keycard.

3. Touch-Free Technologies 

With COVID-19 raising everyone’s awareness around transmitting viruses, touch-free methods are becoming ubiquitous in our everyday lives. MVI’s touch-free technology allows tenants and visitors to enter and exit the building without having to physically use a keypad or keycard. This causes a significant reduction in the spread of germs and illness-producing viruses.

4. Package Theft Reduction

Tenants and property managers alike benefit from the added security of video access controlled vendor and package delivery services. Knowing exactly when a package is delivered and granting the delivery personnel temporary access to the designated delivery area reduces the odds that packages will be left unattended in a public space. Maintenance personnel can be granted access as well, meaning that repair services can be carried out, even if the property manager isn’t on-site.

5. Video Logs Allow Identification of All Visitors

If an unauthorized visitor gains access to the building, door monitoring and auditing will keep track of when they entered the building and how long they stayed there. This makes it far easier for law enforcement to identify a suspect following a crime.

My Video Intercom is Changing the Way Tenants Feel About Home

Recognized with the 2020 Software and Technology Award from New World Report as the Best Smart Video Door Systems Provider in the United States, MVI provides the technologies property managers and tenants rely on for safe, touch-free building access solutions. See how MVI can work for your building with a free demo today.

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