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4 Ways MVI Can Help Keep Your Building Secure During the Holidays

Property managers who have an MVI KeyCom® Smart Video Door Kiosk and Security Platform helping to manage their properties already have the best security for apartment and multi-family buildings at their disposal. With the system’s ability to control a building’s activities and features, monitor visitor and guest access, manage service requests, and facilitate resident and staff communication, this state-of-the-art technology delivers unparalleled year-round apartment building security—and an extra measure of value during the holidays.

From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, when tenants are likely to be busiest, more guests are coming and going, and the number of deliveries to the building skyrockets, MVI’s KeyCom® system helps apartment buildings stay safer and more secure by:

1. Monitoring Guest Access

There are dozens of reasons to get together over the holidays, and that means a steady stream of visitors—many of them first-timers—coming in and out of your building. MVI’s KeyCom® allows guests to scroll through the building’s directory, select an apartment number, name, or icon, and request access to the building from the resident they intend to visit via video chat. 

2. Managing Package Delivery

Starting the week of December 10th, the USPS expects to deliver 200 million packages before Christmas Day—that’s a jump of 33% over last year. As e-commerce sales continue to climb, KeyCom’s® ability to deter package pirates, those thieves who take advantage of unattended packages sitting in hallways, lobbies, and foyers, becomes all-important. With our Package Room Solution, delivery drivers and couriers simply access the building using the touchscreen and deliver the parcels to a secure package location for later pick-up by residents. No more lost or undeliverable packages!

3. Maximizing Resident Communication

The holidays bring with them a variety of situations that probably aren’t at play as often throughout the rest of the year: things like maximum occupancy limits, adherence to fire codes for indoor and outdoor décor, and the use of appliances like deep fryers that come out once a year to cook the turkey for a holiday meal. Savvy apartment managers use KeyCom’s® web portal to send building-wide messages to all residents, reminding them of the importance of adhering to holiday safety codes.

4. Maximizing Communication with Maintenance

Inclement weather and colder temperatures that often come with holiday time can cause frozen pipes, slippery sidewalks, and damage to roofs and gutters. Apartment managers can use the KeyCom’s® web portal to instruct maintenance staff to make sure that all their building’s safety equipment, from fire extinguishers to carbon monoxide detectors, is in good working order. This busy time of the year is also bound to bring with it more maintenance requests, including emergency work orders that need to be dealt with immediately for safety reasons. Again, apartment managers can use KeyCom® to communicate these requests to their maintenance staff and manage their status to ensure that the complex stays safe and secure.

While residents may be aware of an apartment complex’s emergency plan, visitors or partygoers who are in the building for the first time likely do not. Take a few minutes to post a notice pointing out additional emergency exit signage. List essential phone numbers, including ways to contact property management in case of crisis no matter what time it is.

If it’s time to upgrade your apartment complex’s security strategy in 2023, request a demo from MVI to learn about some of the best options on the market. MVI is an industry leader in enhanced security for apartment building security year-round, and its state-of-the-art ability to audit door events, monitor package delivery, track and resolve maintenance requests and make communication effortless among residents and staff is especially valuable during the holidays when traffic skyrockets. Equipping a building or complex with MVI’s KeyCom® provides the best apartment security available and lets residents know that management values their security—24/7, 365 days a year.

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