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MVI Spotlight on ButterflyMX

More and more, property managers, developers, and building owners are relying on safe, secure, keyless access control systems. These solutions use mobile devices and apps for wireless, touch-free access. One of the better-known app-based video intercom systems is the ButterflyMX system, which incorporates cloud-based integrations and a smartphone app.

 About ButterflyMX

ButterflyMX, located in New York, New York, was founded in 2014 by Cyrus Claffey. Cyrus saw that access control solutions were limited, expensive, and largely ineffective. His desire was to create easy-to-use, affordable, and attractive solutions for apartment dwellers, at the front door entry

ButterflyMX uses video intercoms to allow residents to manage door activities, such as unlocking and entering the door or screening visitors, with the ease of a mobile device. Property managers benefit from the ability to easily remove or add property access for tenants, manage permissions, and review door events.

 Pros of ButterflyMX

This access control system has many advantages, such as:

  •     No in-unit wiring or  hardware is required, reducing installation costs
  •     Fast and easy installation, requiring only internet, access control system/door strike, and power
  •     Easy QR code entry for doors
  •     Dedicated secure package delivery room option with multiple safety features
  •     Many integrations available for use with existing intercom systems

 Cons of ButterflyMX

Unfortunately, there are some common recurring points of dissatisfaction among ButterflyMX’s reviews. These include:

  •     The smallest intercom hardware itself starts at $3,995, but the price tag quickly increases with additional costs for better hardware, software, and hosting for the app,  app updates, and even support.   
  •     Support times are only during standard work hours.
  •     No truly set price for the recurring fees. Every quote has different pricing, with no reasons for it.
  •     No supported dealer/installer network, for when issues arise.  
  •     Integrations are all very minor, and don’t serve much purpose. Separate logins are required for the functionality of the system.
  •     Multiple complaints centered around tenants not receiving notifications, or receiving delayed notifications, if even receiving notification at all.
  •     Customers state that they sometimes must go down to the door and let visitors in due to delays with the system.
  •     Customers state that the screens are extremely small, and are very difficult for visitors to navigate.

MVI Beats ButterflyMX

While ButterflyMX is a relatively good intercom system, it is not an access control system, and therefore lacks some of the functionality and seamless integration that MVI is known for, such as:

Full Building Management Platform

MVI offers a Building Management Platform that allows building managers and residents to track package deliveries, maintenance repairs, and other door entry activities. It also acts as a complete building communication platform, between all relevant entities in the building. 

Powerful Cloud-Based App

Residents and managers receive access to the MVI myKey App. This app allows real-time communications, door activity monitoring and auditing, and keyless entry solutions. For managers, it allows full control of their properties, from anywhere at anytime.

 MVI makes it easier for building managers to update tenant records, access door logs, and keep track of service requests. Managers can use this app or the web portal to send communications to tenants and residents directly, or building-wide.

Touchscreen Access

In addition to the app, visitors can “buzz” a resident to request entry, and it acts very similar to a standard “facetime” call. They can then communicate via video chat with the visitor, regardless of their location. The resident can then allow or deny access to the visitor.

Multiple Entry Options

Tenants can use the MVI app via Bluetooth or digital QR for entry, but they can also use a QR key fob or a PIN number to gain access to the building. Residents can even send timed digital QR codes to their expected visitors, for access when they aren’t available.

 Four Software Packages to Choose From

No two properties are the same, and access control needs can be as different as the buildings themselves. From the comprehensive Professional package to the basic video upgrades offered in the One-Time package, building managers and owners can find the exact level of software services necessary to get the most out of their MVI systems.

Free Demos

MVI knows that upgrading access control systems is an investment in both time and money. Free demos of the MVI platforms are available so building managers and property owners can get a better understanding of how the MyKey™ solutions and software packages will work with their buildings

AI-Powered Facial Recognition

The most important part of access control is knowing that visitors and residents are, in fact, who they claim to be. Facial recognition technologies allow identification of the person actually entering the building, thereby helping to ensure that the person using the “key”, is the person that owns the “key”.

 See how MVI compares to the competition!

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