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Let MVI Technologies Permanently Eliminate Porch Pirates & Package Theft in Your Building

Porch pirates. We’ve all heard of this particularly brazen form of package theft, and many of us have been victims ourselves. In fact, Amazon places the number of stolen packages at around 1.7 million per day in the U.S., with the crime affecting one out of three Americans and costing an estimated $25 million in lost or stolen packages every day. Package thieves strike in broad daylight, and some even follow delivery trucks to steal packages left on doorsteps. How do you prevent thieves from snatching your packages?

Smart Doorbell Technologies Aren’t Enough

Smart doorbells are a good deterrent, but they can’t stop theft. A smart doorbell may detect the theft in progress and even record the porch pirate in the act, but the thieves will seldom be caught from this footage. Smart doorbells are a good way to prove that a package was stolen, but not very effective in eliminating the theft to start.

Vendor Lockers

Large companies like Amazon feature lockers throughout their delivery areas, ensuring that the packages are left in a safe place. For many customers, these are inconvenient, requiring a special trip to the location to pick up a package. You’ll find that smaller businesses who ship directly to your home or office can’t offer these lockers, putting these packages at risk for theft.

Scheduled Deliveries

Scheduling a delivery for a specific time you will be home is not practical. With increases in postal delivery times and the inconsistent nature of delivery services with even the big carriers, there’s no guarantee your packages will be delivered at the expected time.

Commercial and Multi-Family Properties Benefit from MVI’s KeyCom® Solutions

Property managers and building owners using MVI’s patented entry technologies are actively stopping package thefts every day. MVI system stops would-be porch pirates at the front door, denying them access to delivered packages via our KeyCom® solutions.

Grant and Deny Access to Your Building

KeyCom® technologies provide complete remote access to your building, stopping unwanted visitors that could be looking for the opportunity to steal delivered packages. Delivery personnel can contact the package recipient or the building manager to authorize building access.

Audit and Track Door Activity

MVI’s technologies continuously track all entrances and exits from the building, minimizing the chance for an unauthorized person to enter. If a theft should occur, there will be a record of the event to share with law enforcement.

Secured Package Locations

Building managers can benefit from designating a room or space within the building as a secured package location. Authorized delivery personnel will only have access to the secured package location, keeping your tenants much safer by preventing visitors from wandering through the building.

Affordable Solutions

Delivery personnel can have their own KeyCom® tabs to help streamline the delivery process. MVI features boxes of 25 sets, each with two tabs, for less than $50 per box. This is the perfect solution for frequent delivery services from companies such as FedEx, USPS, and UPS.

My Video Intercom Has the Solutions You Need for Your Properties

MVI uses state-of-the-art video-intercom technology to grant and deny access so residents and building managers can be sure that each visitor is exactly who they claim they are. Our video intercom technologies allow tenants and property managers to communicate easily with all maintenance and delivery personnel in real-time, as well as track their entrances and exits at the door.

Our KeyCom® solutions are the perfect way to streamline package delivery and eliminate package thefts forever. See the many ways MVI is keeping the “safe” in building safety with this downloadable and free no-obligation brochure.

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